Sunday, August 16, 2009


When did mowing the lawn and doing dishes become so important?
When did work become top priority over self, family and friends?
When was the last time we had someone really take time to listen,(who wasn't a paid professional)?
When did grieving become societies unpardonable sin?
When did marriage become about convenience for one person instead of about two people who intend to be a part of each others lives?
When did being a woman become about playing Super Woman, instead of about nurturing?
When did money become our gauge of success over ethics and morals?
When did fast food take the place of nutrition and a home cooked meal around the table?
When did television become more important than making love, having much needed communication, and playing with our children?
When did God become the man in the moon or a shooting star to wish on?
When did we start valuing the opinions of negative message media or some paid person on an infomercial to tell us we were not good enough because we didn't look a certain way or have some frivolous piece of jewelery or equipment?
When did we start thinking we were better off alone than with those who truly care about us? When did lonely become the accepted way of life?
When did church become something to be shoved down ones neck instead of a place of unconditional love?
When did verbal abuse become accepted as our personal truth?
When did the bondage of drugs, alcohol and promiscuity become our easy out and right to freedom?
When did simplicity become the hardest life style to obtain?
When did we become slaves to technology,with our cell phones holding us captives and our possessions placing us in unimaginable debt?
When did our self-esteem become the opinions of others?
When did the raising of a family become a man or woman's excuse to run?
When did it become okay to solicit our children through pornography?
When did we stop caring for our elders and start placing them in other peoples care because it was inconvenient?
When did our, or our spouses wants become more important than planning for the future together?
When did we become indifferent to the sacrifices of the men and women who serve in times of war, so we can sleep at night?
When did it become acceptable to make jokes of a presidents infidelity?
When did nuclear weapons become the way of peace?
When did the gifts of precognition and discernment become a joke and a manipulative cash crop, instead of a gift from God?
When did our families become the clan we feud with?
When did it become popular to place the blame on others instead of accepting our part of the responsibility?
When did Health Care become an industry instead of a generous, compassionate and personal service?
When did it become acceptable to treat every problem with a pill,(making pharmaceutical companies a billion dollar business that preys on the poor, sick and elderly)?
When did we start looking at those who raised us or serve us as second class citizens?
When did charity become about giving a smaller portion of our fortune, instead of a true act of love and kindness, that put us in a place of faith for our own sustenance?
When did we start turning a blind eye to the suffering around us and saying this is just the way it is? When did we become so insensitive to the needs around us? When did having more than your brother become a source of joy?
When did depression become the American way of life?
When did we decide inexperienced men and women deserve employment and more pay than those who have been faithful for years and are knowledgeable? When did robbing someone of their dignity become okay?
When did we decide it was the right thing to sell bits and pieces of our America to foreign countries?
When did a forty plus hour a week job become considered a good balance between home and work? When did a two hundred dollar a week pay check become more important than seventy plus years of our life? When did retirement become a fools dream?
When did getting there sooner become more important than our planet?
When did a hand up start coming with an IOU?
When did we stop being grateful to our ancestors who paved our way for freedom and liberty?
When did suicide start looking like a better option than living?
When did saying no start coming with a guilt tag?
When did eight hours of sleep become such a burden on our time?
When did men start taking for granted the roll of a woman as his help mate and bearer of his children?
When did women start to despise men so and look at them as worthless, un-respectable or as just a pay check?
When did a College education become future less to its graduates? When did people stop looking for their life calling and start settling for whatever comes along? When did it become a shame to stand up for what we believe to be right and true? When did we lose our humanity? When did love take the backseat?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Making peace with Your Body Image"

A new perspective!!!

YOU, are a beautiful piece of living art designed by the Master artist! You are an original. In all of time, there has never been another you. Your blue print originated among the stars. You were molded by the hands of GOD Almighty! His thumb print is your stamp of approval. You were sculpted by the Lord of the universe and You are‘PERFECT’ according to his purpose!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

"Ten Quick Tips for Managing At Work Stress"

1. Don’t procrastinate! Finish difficult tasks before noon. Save the more enjoyable portion of your work for the later part of the day. This will bring a sense of accomplishment and give you something to look forward to, while keeping your batteries charged.

2. Keep a clean work area, (this ensures you can find what you need easily and will save valuable time.) There is nothing worse than a cluttered workspace when you are frustrated or in a hurry!

3. Take short breaks through out the day to stretch. Concentrate on the neck, shoulder and back. These areas are where we tend to hold most of our tension. Here are some quick easy stretches you might try. No stretches are recommended if you have limitations from a doctor for these areas!

• Roll your head three times to the right: repeat three times left.
• Press chin to chest as far as comfort allows, then tilt your head back letting it rest on your back. Hold stretches for a duration of ten seconds each, repeat two to three times. This stretches not only the neck but also the muscles along the spine.
• Lift shoulders toward ears. Tense them for ten seconds, then let them drop to your sides. Repeat 8 to 10 times, for maximum effectiveness.
• For your back, stand with feet slightly apart, then slowly (with head down), roll upper body slowly forward, letting arms hang like an ape. They may touch the floor but the goal is only for you to get a good stretch through the length of your back.
Remember: while doing these stretches, be sure to breath deeply and relax. Do not try to force yourself into any position that is uncomfortable. Strain is the easiest way to cause injury ! ‘Rule of thumb’, always use common sense!

4. Eat, snack and drink sensibly. Making healthy choices in these areas will help provide you with the energy you need to last all day. Try to limit your caffeine and sugar intake. These foods may give you an initial boost but will do nothing for your energy long term and will eventually cause stress and fatigue.

5. Use half of your lunch break to take a short walk. Whether you go alone or invite a friend, this is a good opportunity to make a mini escape from the work environment. Who knows you may start a healthy trend that your employer will be grateful for. All smart employers know that healthy employees will save them money due to minimized absenteeism.

6. Listen to relaxing music. Music has a powerful ability to influence our emotions. Choosing the right music can keep you feeling calm and positive during the work day. Most places of employment don’t mind if you listen to music, so long as it is not offensive and is kept to a volume which does not disturb co-workers or clients. If you are unsure if this is appropriate in your place of work the best policy is always to ask.

7. Use your nose to reduce stress. Wear a favorite relaxing perfume. Mix a purse size spray bottle with water and your favorite calming, essential oil. Try lavender, not only is it a relaxing scent but it is also a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant, sedative, and detoxifier. If you are shy about spraying it in the area you are working, use it to wipe down your desk or put a drop on a Kleenex and in hail for ten to twelve seconds for a relaxing pick me up! You may also wish to try other options such as an electric candle warmer with your favorite candle. Be creative, just don’t over look the asset that is your nose!

8. Lighten up! Read the funnies from the morning paper or tell a co-worker an appropriate joke. ‘Laughter really is the best medicine’ for stress. Laughter promotes a lower blood pressure and heart rate.

9. Brighten your work area up with plants. Bring a little of the outdoors indoor. Plants are a good idea for many reasons but we will just stick to that they are pretty and cheer people up. You should take some time to consider what type of plants will work best for your office. You will have to give some thought to lighting and how often you will commit to watering them.

10. Use pictures to reduce your work stress. Adding photos of family, friends and pets to your work space can offer unspoken words and feelings of encouragement during a particularly trying day